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Episode fourteen

"What if..." - and all the acronyms you can think of

Rachel invites guests Jessica Amento and Brooke Vallone on to discuss their personal struggles with OCD, uncovering the intricacies and importance of discussing similar disorders that are often too taboo to mention.



Rachel Melvin
Jessica Amento
Brooke Vallone


Below are a few of the resources for OCD, OCPD, ADD, PTSD, general anxiety, and depression mentioned in this week's episode.
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OCD LA specializes in the treatment of OCD and related anxiety based conditions in the Los Angeles area. Jessica recommends Elena Fasan who is affiliated with the center. Click here for more information.

The Grayson LA treatment center

The Grayson LA treatment Center for anxiety & OCD offers free support groups for those suffering from OCD, PTSD, general anxiety disorders, and depression.  Click here to learn more.
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If you're having trouble finding support groups and treatment centers in your precise location, please contact the above mentioned facilities for potential referrals and resources in your area. 
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Better Help, Online Therapists

Better help matches you with licensed therapists who provide affordable sessions online. Be sure to look for therapists who specialize in your particular area of concern, i.e CBT, PTSD, OCD, ODCPD, ADD, trauma, etc. Click here for more info.


ADDA provides an online screening test to help you determine whether or not you might be living with undiagnosed ADD. They also supply resources and information about the disorder. Click here for more information.
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