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Playlist No.1

May 9, 2017

If you follow HowBitchesAreMade on social media you already know we're working to bring you a HBAM Web Series (if you didn't, surprise! Also, start following us on social media). And, if you're in the business of making television, film, or, web content yourself, you know how much time goes in to doing so. Therefore, this week's post is our first ever playlist - because, not only is it fun to learn what songs remind our creator of a certain period in her life, a post like this is a lot quicker to construct than a literary one!


Whether they give you deeper insight into the stories we've shared thus far, or, bring up similar emotions for you pertaining to a particular time in your own life, we hope you enjoy these blasts from the past.


Our literary stories will continue next week, and be sure to check back for updates on our upcoming Web Series. 



-the Bitches at HBAM 



1. The First Bitch I Ever Met -



by: Meredith Brooks

Blurring the Edges album



2. Welcome to the Jungle Jim


 "Welcome to the Jungle"

by: Guns N' Roses

Appetite for Destruction album



3. Best Friends for Never -


"The Middle"

by: Jimmy Eat World

 Bleed American album



4. The Skinny in the Cafeteria -



by: Demi Lovato

Unbroken album



5. In the Line of Fire PT1


"Everybody's Fool"

by: Evanescence

Fallen album



6. In the Line of Fire PT2 -


"The Fire Inside"

by: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 

Greatest Hits album



7. The Fabric of LA


"Hotel California"

by: The Eagles

Hotel California album



8. The Boomerang Effect-



by: Taylor Swift

Speak Now album



9. The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes -


"Rise Up"

by: Andra Day

Cheers to the Fall album



10. Double D PT 1 -


"Sugar, We're Going Down"

by: Fall Out Boy

From Under the Cork Tree album



11. Double D PT 2 -


"Another Heart Calls"

by: The All-American Rejects 

When the world comes down album




12. Leaving Las Vegas-


"Waking up in Vegas"

by: Katy Perry

One of the boys album



13. A Baffeling Bouquet -



by: Houndmouth

Little Neon Limelight album



14. Double D PT3: How Good Girls Get Labeled "Psycho." -


"For a Pesimist I'm pretty Optimistic"

by: Paramore

Riot album



15. Double D PT4: "Just Friends" and the games they play -


"Hot and Cold"

by: Katy Perry

One of the boys album



16. Double D PT5: How FOB became my key to moving on -


"Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"

by: Pink

The truth about love album



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