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January 17, 2017

As girls and young women we’re taught that in order to succeed we must play by the rules but, more importantly, we must be LIKEABLE the entire time we’re in the game. As a result, no matter how unjustly we are treated or how much of a beating we take, many women will keep their mouths shut and asses down, afraid to stand up for themselves and what they deserve for the simple fact: they don’t want to come off as, be thought of, or called, a bitch.

Get over it. The fact is, if you aren’t one already, you’ll be one eventually. Bitches aren’t born, we’re made, as a result of our experiences in three arenas; heartbreak, injustice, and acts of God. We all have a point - a tipping point to be exact. It’s the story of the straw that broke the camels back and turned it into a rabid wolf. Eventually, every woman realizes the only person she can rely on to take care of her, is herself.  And if having standards, self respect, and holding people accountable makes you a bitch? Then it’s time to lean in and wear the label proudly. Embrace that bitch and make it yours.


I'm currently sharing with you stories about my journey and now, I'd love to hear yours. To be featured as our bitch of the month, please submit your tipping point story on the “fellow bitches” page, or email us your story at info@howbitchesaremade.com.




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