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featuring bad ass bitches and why we love them

Naomi Campbell

“Making the cut” had its finale last Friday and ever since its premier March 27th, we knew we’d be sitting front row (on our couches, of course) to see who’d be taking home the $1 million grand prize. The show, echoing the same premise as Project Runway, showcases more experienced designers than the Bravo turned Lifetime series, and consists of far more fashion and far less drama - something that might shock the masses if not only for the fact one of the judges is notorious “model with a temper” Naomi Campbell.

While famously dubbed a “hothead” and “diva,” we couldn’t help but find the British model one of the best parts of the Prime series. Her presence on the panel of judges brings with it a refreshing energy that is both brutally honest and unapologetically raw, sans any malice or cattiness. The model confronts contestants with the same passionate intensity any athletic coach would and confidently sticks to her guns no matter who might disagree.

We absolutely admire Naomi’s strength and approach when comes to pushing the contestants to try harder, believe in themselves more, and when it comes to holding them accountable for their actions and designs. That’s why we’re featuring her as our first woman in the spotlight. She might get slapped with labels most women cower in the presence of, but this bad ass bitch wears them with pride while refusing to backpedal or change for anything or anyone.

“I feel like I’ve been laughed at a few times around the world since the last six months, but that’s okay too. I’ve been called a lot of names—ridiculous, she’s out of her mind—but it’s okay. It’s not my business what people think," she told one publication.

We couldn’t agree more.

Not only does Naomi appear unaffected by her critics, she seems to have taken the negative attention and played it to her advantage. She recently launched her own series “No filter with Naomi” on YouTube where she interviews celebrity friends and speaks candidly about important issues and other hot topics.

The more exposed we are to Naomi the more we utterly adore her. She’s the perfect embodiment of our definition of a bitch: assertive, confident, self reliant, self assured, and brave enough to confidently address sensitive, controversial topics. Just read what she had to say about her ties to Jeffry Epstein.

We love this supermodel who we think, quite honestly, is a super bitch - in the best, most positive ways of course!

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