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Rachel and Kevin's Quarantine date night

If you listened to the latest episode of the HBAM podcast "Quarantine blues mixed with some good news" you're familiar with the personal challenges Rachel and Kevin have been facing during our 8th week of lockdown. Upon discussing various ways we can all do and feel better during our current stay at home order, the couple decided to take their own advice by checking in and honoring their needs.

Here is how they managed to generate a little joy by using their spoiled camping plans to inspire a fun, at home adventure anyone can embark on.

The couple roam around their desert neighborhood on ATV's.

Rachel preps a meal from the book "Feast by Firelight" before cooking a fireside dinner with Kevin.

On the menu: "Crispy Lemon-Thyme Skillet Chicken with Green Beans"

Desert Dessert: An ice cream sandwich s'more.


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