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Bitchin' Product: FORIA Wellness

Every bitch knows the importance of self care - especially when the road to bitchdom can be painful, paved with anxiety, stress, and sometimes? Depression. Our friends at Foria Wellness know this too, which is why they’ve made it their mission to focus on the health and wellness of women everywhere.

Their CBD infused products, ranging from hemp oil tincture to coconut oil lubricants, aren’t just aimed at boosting women’s confidence, optimism, and libido. They’re even committed to alleviating common pains that make womanhood so delightful! Whether you’re experiencing uncomfortable periods, painful sex, or a hard time staying positive, Foria wants to help.

For a limited time they’re offering YOU $25 off all their products! Visit and enter code BEWELL at check out to enjoy your savings.

Another thing to love about this LA based company? The products all come in beautiful, plant based, eco friendly packaging - and in just a few days!


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