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9 ways to feel better from the outside in

We know how easy it is to feel stagnant, uninspired, and well, ugly…especially when you’re stuck at home in quarantine for weeks on end. And, while life can be a bitch sometimes, we’ll remind you, you are too - and you’ve got this! But, in case you need a little help, here’s a list of ways to feel better from the outside in that are bound to help not just while in lockdown, but long after we’re running wild and free again.



There’s nothing better than connecting with the raw planet we live on. Earth, fire, air, and water - these elements cleanse, nourish, ground, and sustain us. So, get outside! Exposing yourself to nature puts us back in touch with our baser, animal instincts, reminding us of a world bigger than ourselves, and puts things back into perspective. It’s the easiest way to re-center, meditate, and experience gratitude for everything in front of us we tend to overlook.


While it might seem counter intuitive to give up the one thing currently connecting us to anyone else, taking a break from your devices can actually make you feel more positive. We live in a comparative world where success and happiness are defined by likes, followers, assets, and accomplishments. It’s hard not to compare or measures ourselves to others and it’s far too easy to feel defeated or discouraged by it. Not to mention living behind a screen quite literally takes you out of the present and why ignore a gift?


Admit it - have you ever NOT felt great after dancing? That’s because exercise of any kind produces endorphins, and the best part of dancing is that it doesn’t feel like exercise - that’s why we’re so much happier doing it! Not to mention, it's freeing as hell. So, make like Cristina and Meredith and rock your heart out in the living room! After all, you know you always wanted to give it a try. Now is your chance.


Replacing low frequency foods, such as cookies, ice cream, and chips, with high frequency foods, like kale, fish, and nuts, helps stimulate the mind and body in a far more positive way. Eating better gives us the nutrients and vitamins we need to operate at our highest level and best ability. Think of what happens when you put the wrong kind of gas in a high end car - it gets sluggish, effects its performance, and might even cause it to break down. Fueling ourselves with the best guarantees the best. And, that’s what every bitch deserves.


Body image and body dysmorphia are real issues - and not just for women. By limiting our exposure to ourselves we can actually help curb the problem. By avoiding mirrors, we remove the temptation to look at our reflection and thus, we remove the ability to criticize what we see. Without a negative voice constantly berating our bodies, we’re able to live inside of it, more lovingly connected to it, and we're able to both address and honor its wants and needs, with far less judgement.


Looks shouldn’t matter, but the cold hard fact is that they do. That’s why people dress up for dates and job interviews, after all. And, while it might seem like there’s no one around to impress right now, there is. YOU! Neglecting our bodies can make us feel dirty, deprived, unattractive, and worthless - especially since women have been taught their worth comes from their appearance. Even our pets love the way they feel after getting some personal attention! It makes us feel renewed, rejeuvenated, and valued. So, shower, shave, give yourself a manicure or a blow out, apply a body scrub or a face mask, or treat yourself to a foot rub! Don’t know how? Luckily, Youtube offers a ton of tutorials and we’ve got nothing but time!


What was the last book you read? Hopefully you didn’t have to think back to your literature class in High School for the answer. While it may be the golden age of television, there’s some things a screen just can’t capture. Reading is not only the “old school” way of entertaining ourselves, it encourages imagination, and increases intellect - obviously. And, while it’s perfectly fine to read your favorite magazine, news site, or blog (thanks by the way), what’s better is escaping reality for a few hours by throwing yourself into someone else’s world. And, who knows, maybe you’ll come out of theirs and back into ours a little wiser and more connected as well.


The best way to get to know someone is to spend some quality time with them. Before you know it, you’re falling in love and counting down the minutes until you get to see them again. If you don’t love spending time alone, it’s just because you haven’t done it enough! Self love is the same as learning to love anyone else - and it can start the same as well. Treat yourself to a date night doing things you love and discovering some new things you didn’t know you might. After all, we’re only capable of loving someone else when we’ve learned to truly love ourselves first.


Whether it’s picking up something a stranger dropped on the ground, delivery groceries, sparing a few squares of toilet paper (or hopefully a full roll if you’ve got it), or simply wearing a mask, contributing to a greater good makes us feel good because well, we’re pack animals, and giving back connects us to a community we literally need to be a part of. No act is too small to generate that incredible feeling so, in whatever way you can, help someone in need. There are far more opportunities now than ever before.


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