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Season One


The Epiphany

Rachel reveals how she came up with the concept of How Bitches Are Made, after getting her heart broken by a man with a unicorn penis. 


The First Bitch I Ever Met

Rachel recalls what it was liking growing up with her mother and explores the various definitions and interpretations of the word "bitch." 


The Kind of Bitch You Never Want to Be

Rachel explores why bitches get a bad rep after a dramatic confrontation in the hallways of a soap opera. 


Baring It All

Rachel talks about Hollywood's obsession with nipples, and explores how to set boundaries in the workplace without coming off as the wrong kind of bitch.


Breaking Ground and the Glass Ceiling

Rachel explores what it's like to act like a man in a man's world after purchasing her first home and taking on a kitchen renovation.


The Sh*t End of the Stick

Rachel shares her theory of how the infamous double standards of society came to be and talks taking it up the ass - figuratively and literally.


Tongue Tied and Pussy Grabbed

Rachel's vagina gets a surprise greeting from an unwelcome stranger on NYE, prompting her to wonder why it's so hard to be a bitch, even in the most justified of scenarios.


Sticks and Stones

After having had her fill of body shaming, Rachel discusses the power of community and the importance of using your voice to elicit positive change. 


Cutting Ties and Saying Goodbye

In the season 1 finale, Rachel reveals another life altering epiphany she had after tripping on mushrooms in the desert. 

How Bitches Are Made - in Quarantine


A New Normal

In this in-between-season premiere Rachel discusses how our stay at home order has effected her and how it's inspired a new direction for the show.


Relationships in Lockdown

Rachel discusses the effects quarantine has on our relationships with special guests Kevin Barrett and Mariasha Altynbaeva.


Why Men Love Bitches

Special guest Kevin Barrett returns to discuss why men are more attracted to a "bitch" than a "yes" woman.


Quarantine Blues mixed with Good News

Rachel and Kevin share first hand accounts of quarantine bringing out the worst in people and discuss what can be done to overcome the negativity.


Are We There Yet?

Kevin and Rachel talk shit - literally - when sharing their recent camping experience and discuss the restlessness and confusion surrounding COVID19.


A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Rachel and Kevin discuss toxicity in friendships and how our platonic relationships are also being put under the microscope during our current pandemic.


"What Kind of Fuckery is This?"

Rachel and Kevin discuss conflicting messages from the government and various counties as our country slowly begins the process of reopening, and offer advice to a listener whose relationship has been impacted by COVID19. 

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