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© 2019 Rachel Melvin. All rights reserved.  

How Bitches Are Made® and HBAM™ are trademarks owned by Rachel Melvin. 


I am a bitch. To the average person this, of course, implies that I am malicious, bitter, jaded, resentful, guarded, angry, and rough around the edges. It suggests I’m insensitive, cold, have few friends, am difficult and/or disagreeable. This generalization serves two purposes: first, as a warning or cautionary tale to other(s), and second, as an intent to wound strong women like me, by attempting to play on the assumption that we collectively share a fear of being disliked - so much so, that the word itself might be enough to bring us to our knees and cripple us to our core.


Wishful thinking. Self proclaimed bitches like me will agree, the term is less an Achilles Heel and more a Badge of Honor, maybe even a Purple Heart, acknowledging our fearlessness, vigor, and victories in the never ending battles of life. 


September 4, 2019

Now that the tape has come off our mouths, how about we take it off yours? 

Announcing the new HowBitchesAreMade forum where you can leave your comments, ask questions, share your own stories, and make friends with other proud members of our growing bitch community. 

Join now! 

August 29, 2019

We're excited to announce that the How Bitches Are Made Podcast will launch this Labor Day Sept 2nd, on iTunes!

The thirty minute comedic self help podcast follows actress/creator Rachel Melvin's journey from naive good girl to bad ass bitch, while exploring what it means to be the modern American woman. 

Be sure to like, s...

December 7, 2017

A bitch is known for her self-respect and fearless voice, which is why I apply a coat of NARS lip pencil in “Wicked” every single morning. Geezus, that sounded like an advertisement, but I promise it is not. Donning red lips serves as a reminder to me of how powerful my voice can be - if and when used effectively. It’s a...

November 9, 2017

1. The people speak our language -

Every bitch can agree that not everyone likes our honest, direct, and sarcastic demeanor. 

To Londoners, however, it’s warmly welcome. Fluent in sarcasm themselves, the clever Brit not only keeps up with quick witted banter, they’re often the one’s initiating it! 

You’re sure to feel r...

November 2, 2017

My love affair with Taylor Swift started back in 2012 after she released her album RED. With songs like “All Too Well” and “I Knew You Were Trouble,” I not only realized we’d shared a similar experience, but it was even possible we’d shared that experience with the same troubled asshole. The album itself became the inspir...

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